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w. 1/16/11

Hips OFA Good / Elbows Clear / Heart Echo Clear / HNPK Affected/ Eyes CERF / Optigen A / EIC Carrier 

Full Dentition / CHIC # 87619

 Jack's Clearances in PDF format       Jacks Pedigree in PDF format   

Balance, Type, and Ability!  Jack is a beautiful combination of both of his parents.

  • Jack finished his Championship with 4 majors.  All of which were earned at Specialties or Supported Entries, owner/breeder handled.

  • Multiple Best in Sweepstakes wins.

  • Jack earned his Grand CH.Points with 6 Major wins, all earned at Specialties or Supported entries, owner/breeder handled.

  • Jack earned his JH title, by going 4 for 4.

  • Jack placed in the prestigious Stud Dog Class at the LRC of the Potomac in both 2014 & 2015!

It doesn't get much better than that.  

This boy has always done what's asked from him with style and grace. His get are avid retrievers, with an innate willingness to please.
Jack lives for the these 4 words...*Fetch it up Boy!*

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